Cooking with Herbs with Sandra Clark Jergensen

Tuesday March 19

5:30 PM  –  8:00 PM

Instructor: Sandra Clark Jergensen

Tuesday, Mar. 19, 5:30pm

Kitchen and Lounge, International House Davis


Class is $26.10 for members and $29 for non-members.

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Class Description


The UC Davis Arboretum grows an abundance of fresh, aromatic herbs. Herbs are some of the few greens in the human diet that provide a density of antioxidants usually only found in wild plants. Learn how to add these nutrients and new flavor dimensions to your cooking with herbs that flourish in Davis.

This cooking class pairs with the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden's class, Make Your Garden Pop for Pollinators. Register for that class here.  

Creative and Quick Dishes with UC Davis Arboretum Herbs
- Honey Carrot Ceviche
- Olive Oil Egg Salad Smash
- Braised Cilantro Chard Tangle
- Herb-Sugared Fruit
- Lemon Thyme Curd

Instructor Background

Sandra Clark Jergensen teaches home cooks how to cook like a natural--with ease and natural-focused ingredients--through seasonal cooking. She is a cooking instructor, recipe developer, and the founder of The Kitchen Natural